“Through AFINUM’s investment our equity base was strengthened, giving us more operational flexibility to achieve our corporate goals. Throughout the transaction process we have come to know AFINUM as a valuable sparring-partner for all business activities. Transparency and a partnership-orientated approach created the optimal basis for our future cooperation.”

Dr. Gerhard Köhler
Management, ORWO Net AG

The cooperation with AFINUM was extremely professional, simple in administrative respects and very pleasant from a personal perspective. Working for AFINUM again would be a pleasure at any time.

Reinhard Glufke
Managing Director, Rudolf Riester GmbH

“AFINUM realized very quickly that the success of our business is significantly influenced by those people who put themselves out for our clients and their concerns every single day. On this basis, the cooperation was always shaped by mutual trust, understanding and respect. This continuously competent cooperation and the personal support have most certainly contributed to the company success and the development during the period of cooperation.”

Beatrice Metzger
CEO, Swisshaus AG

During the acquisition process, AFINUM behaved very empathetically and reacted sensitively to the specific needs of the owner family. We were never put under any pressure and were able to accomplish the individual steps at our own pace. We had the impression that AFINUM wanted really look into business and products and that they showed great interest in the long-term continuation of the business. Additional funds were also made available in order to go ahead with the strategic development in China. Financing was prudent and bearable to the company.

Daniel Schaetti
former owner, Schaetti AG

“With the intention to realize Thonet’s full growth potential, we were looking for a flexible investor with an understanding for the home furniture industry and for family led companies.

We are glad to have found this partner in AFINUM.”

Peter Thonet
Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter, THONET GmbH